Leo Anguiano – Director of Operations

Leo Anguiano, our Operations Director, grew up at CCT. His mom has been a member of our Quality Assurance department since the late 2000s and, in his youth, Leo would regularly come up and help out part time. After graduation, Leo became a member of our warehouse and then quickly transitioned to a full time machine operator. After several years as a machinist, he was promoted to the production lead and now oversees our day to day operations. Leo supervises production and coaches other team members, providing a wealth of experience to guide our machinists to perform their best and looking for new challenges for us to take on. When he’s not on the production floor, he’s on the sideline coaching his three boys in football and other sports. 

Andrew Ramsey – Production Manager

Andrew, our Production Manager, is in charge of several key areas of our business, including purchasing, scheduling, and delivery forecast. He also maintains our companies IT and in house ERP implementation. Throughout his time at CCT, Andrew has worked his way up through the ranks of the company, starting as a machinist and transitioning into programming before being promoted to production management. Andrew joined the CCT team in 2000 after acquiring his Associates in Computer Science from the University of North Texas.

Brian Sherlock – Quality Assurance Manager

Brian is Quality Assurance Manager and has led the quality control team for the last 6 years. He spent 4 years machining and gaining process experience before shifting his focus to QA. His knowledge of quality related systems and processes are utilized in a manner to maintain a consistency of high-level quality that we have developed at CCT. Brian is our leader in developing continuous improvement, employing his skills to constantly improve efficiencies and enhance performace outcomes. Brian is also concentrated on establishing our AS9100 and ISO 13485 certifications.

Lynn Edwards – Controller

Our Controller, Lynn Edwards, is responsible for a number of critical functions including: accounts payable, accounts receivable, record keeping, human resource coordination and internal correspondence production and distribution. Prior to joining CCT in 2018, Lynn spent 5 years as an accountant for Chevron Corp. in San Francisco. She achieved her BS in Finance from Cal State and her MBA from Columbia Southern.