CCT Precision’s routing capabilities offer a highly efficient and precise manufacturing process for sheet plastic parts. We have many years of expertise routing glass-filled laminates, phenolics, and polymers for a wide variety of industries such as electronics, aerospace and automotive. There are times that high-speed CNC routing is not only the most efficient, but is also the most cost effective process.

By producing multiple parts at the same time on our multi-spindle equipment, we are able to reduce machine time and produce a more cost effective part. Many of our customers are die-cutting, stamping, laser or waterjet component manufacturers who subcontract with us to machine parts that don’t fit well with their core processes. We have four multi-spindled CNC-controlled routers and a large-format CNC router capable of performing a wide array of 2-dimensional machining operations.

Routing Work Envelope and Tolerances

  • Materials up to 1.0″ thick
  • 60” x 120” maximum panel size
  • Tolerances to +/- 0.003″
  • Multi-head and high RPM Spindles (60,000 RPM)

CCT Precision is an industry leader in Machining and MicroMachining.  We are able to maintain tolerances, create features and produce parts that even the material manufacturers deem impossible. By using high speed spindles, tightly controlled work envelopes and cutting edge work holding systems, CCT Precision can machine components from the most simple part to the most intricate part on any of the 35 machines in our facility.

If precision machining is what you are looking for:

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