As today’s applications increase in complexity and decrease in size, accuracy matters more than ever.  CCT Precision Machining is your partner in meeting and exceeding your needs for exacting, high-accuracy, micron-level tolerance machining.

CCT Precision prides itself on our:

  • On time delivery
  • Quick turnaround
  • Dedicated Quality Department with state-of-the-art measuring tools
  • Ability to machine materials other machine shops won’t touch
  • Flexibility to manufacture one part or a million parts
  • 27” x 15” x 13” Work Envelope
  • Tolerances to +/- .00025” (0.006 mm)
  • Hole Diameters to 0.003” (0.076 mm)
  • Spindle Speeds to 30,000 RPM

Our Capabilities are beyond measure…