At CCT customers are more than that; they are our partners.  Since 1999 we have been serving the automobile, aerospace, electronics and consumer/OEM industries.


The electronics industry has a long history using machined plastic components. Without the development of new materials along with the advancement of cutting edge machining process that companies like CCT Precision have pioneered, some of the electronic devices we use on a daily basis would be impossible to produce.


The aerospace industry has long been a dedicated plastics machining customer. With very rigid weight and strength requirements along with very demanding design tolerances, the aerospace industry regularly looks to CCT Precision to machine plastic components.


CCT Precision has a large array of partners in the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) industry. We routinely machine prototype and small quantity components to prove designs and provide hands-on sample parts for product development. CCT Precision also provides an avenue for the transition from prototype to production quantity manufacturing for these Consumer / OEM customers.


The Automotive industry is constantly in search of new materials and designs to improve the look, feel and operation of their future designs. From small parts such as gaskets to larger parts used in shaping auto body material, CCT has you covered.


The panels came in late last week and they looked great!  I was very pleased with the special packaging you provided. It saved me a bunch of time prior to shipping overseas.

Thank you so much for your great support!  You all went above and beyond the call of duty on this one!

Les Reynolds, Smart Machine

At the beginning of the year we delivered two science instruments that you guys helped with for the project called ICON – The Ionspheric Connection Explorer with the University of California, Berkeley. Our instrument is called the IVM – Ion Velocity Meter. They’ve integrated the instruments on the payload deck and are starting some environmental testing. You can check the news here.

We really did appreciate your help with this. But, since we had some leftover parts, we decided to build another instrument to go on what’s called a cube sat project called Sortie. It’s a concept type project with no real oversight. If it works it could lead to more.

We still need a few parts. Can you help us again?

Les Zac, University of Texas Dallas

What an awesome job your company  is doing for us. Great customer service. Greatly appreciate.

Arleen LaForest, XTO, Inc.