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Every grade of plastic behaves differently when machined.  But what is difficult for many machine shops, is easy sailing for us.  Over the years and through our vast experience with plastics machining, we have developed proprietary processes for virtually every type of plastic that we handle.

We have equipped our facility with a strictly monitored climate-controlled production area to combat changes in material due to thermal growth or specific hydroscopic characteristics.  In addition, we employ coolant-free machining and the use of a centralized dust-collection system to ensure we maintain critical tolerances, produce stable parts and provide a contamination-free environment.

Benefits of manufacturing with plastics:

  • Available in a variety of stock forms: rod, sheet, tube and disc
  • Relatively impact resistant
  • Biocompatible
  • Lighter than metal
  • Higher strength to weight ratio
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Chemical resistant
  • Electrical insulative
  • Good for wear applications

PEEK Natural part CNC MillingAvailable Advanced Plastics include:

For a complete list of materials we can machine, please click here.

FR4 part semiconductor cnc millingAvailable Thermoset Materials include:

To see more information on Thermost Materials, please click here.

For a complete list of materials we can machine, please click here.


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