Thermoset Machining at CCT Precision

Laminated thermoset products consist essentially of fibrous sheet materials such as cellulose paper, cotton fabric, glass fabric etc. which are impregnated or coated with a thermosetting resin binder and consolidated under high temperature and pressure into hard, solid products of high mechanic strength.

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With a combination of thermal stability, performance, and chemical resistance, thermoset plastics are extensively used in a wide variety of industries—from the manufacturing of electrical components and durable manufactured goods to the aerospace industry, heavy duty construction equipment, the energy sector—including oil, gas, and solar—and automotive manufacturing. Common products and applications that are made from thermoset plastics include construction equipment panels, electrical housings and components, insulators, cell tower tops, heat shields, circuit breakers, motor components, and disc brake pistons. In short, thermosets and their composites can be found in all markets and sectors.

Mechanical applications for thermoset laminates benefit from properties such as dimensional stability, rigidity, resistance to elevated temperatures, a high strength to weight ratio, and moisture resistance. Thermoset laminates have superior electrical properties, high electrical strength and excellent electrical insulation resistance. The degree of electrical resistance is dependent on the combination of material used.

Thermoset materials conform to NEMA and MIL-SPEC MIL-1-24768.

CCT Precision Machining is an industry leader in Thermoset Machining/Garolite Machining.  We are able to maintain tolerances, create features and produce parts that even the material manufacturers deem impossible.

By using high speed spindles capable of turning at 30,000 RPM, tightly controlled work envelopes and cutting edge work holding systems, CCT Precision can machine high pressure laminate components from the most simple part to the most intricate part on any of the 25+ machines in our facility.  In addition, our Quality Assurance Department will ensure that your part is made exactly the way you want it.

  • 27” x 15” x 13” Work Envelope
  • Tolerances to +/- .00025” (0.006 mm)
  • Hole Diameters to 0.003” (0.076 mm)

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