Have questions about the manufacturability of your engineered plastic and/or non-ferrous metal part?  Our frequently asked questions and answers can help!

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The short answer is, No. CCT Precision is a machine shop in the traditional sense of milling machines and lathes. While we do not provide plastic injection molding, we have proven to be a cost competitive alternative to molded plastic component manufacturing due to the high cost of mold tooling and extended lead times associated with molded plastic parts.

CCT Precision has decades of experience in the machining of plastic materials and are more that willing to provide our suggestions, based on the machinability, stability and availability of a material to the selection of a plastic material in your design. However, no one knows your design requirements like you do. Therefore, we leave the final material choice up to you.

CCT Precision is more than happy to provide an existing part in your choice of materials, when available. CCT Precision has the utmost faith in our ability to provide our customers with a part that meets and exceeds their design requirements. We will be happy to provide first article inspection records along with first article approval on any initial production run. We find that giving our customers the opportunity to judge our work, provides them with confidence in our ability.

CCT Precision accepts Credit Card, Check and can have our customers set up on NET 30 payment options.

CCT Precision has many international customers and ships plastic machined components all over the world, on a weekly basis.

CCT Precision prides itself in having one of the quickest lead times in the industry. Providing parts for Aerospace, Automotive and the Electronics Industries gives us great experience in Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing. We can provide parts in as little as 2-3 weeks, with the ability to decrease these lead times when extenuating circumstances arise.