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CCT and COVID-19

As an essential business working in the crucial sectors of medical, defense, and electronics manufacturing, CCT Precision Machining is currently open for business and will continue to ship orders. During these uncertain times, CCT Precision Machining has been thinking a lot about our customers, our employees and our greater community.  Health and safety are our

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Manufacturing Day 2019!

The Manufacturing Institute, the education and workforce partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, kicked off a month-long celebration of modern manufacturing on Friday, October 4th 2019 on Manufacturing Day. Held annually on the first Friday in October, MFG Day helps show the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging thousands of companies and educational

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Take a Peak at PEEK

What material has resistance to harsh chemicals, steam, water and sea water?  What material maintains dimensional integrity in the harshest of conditions including a continuous operating temperature of 480°F (249°C)?   PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a high-performance engineering plastic, is the answer.    Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) has a proven track record in challenging environments such as  oil

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All In the Family

In a recent, very unscientific poll, I asked our employees to give me one reason why they liked working at CCT.  Each and every answer included something about the family atmosphere that is felt here at the shop. For some, this feeling is literal.  We have many employees who are related to each other, either by

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Robots: Friends or Foes?

When you think of robots, do you automatically think of the Terminator?  Or do you think of Baymax in Big Hero Six?  One is all metal and sharp points designed to kill, and the other is soft and squishy designed to comfort and heal.  I think I lean more to the Baymax version than the Terminator,

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Parts is Parts…

At CCT, we make a lot of cool parts for the electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical industries.  I like to walk the shop floor a couple of times a week and photograph the more interesting parts.  Interesting to me is in the aesthetic of the part, not in the actual function.  It's part of the

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Skilled Labor Force Needed – Apply Within

Many of the articles and posts I read about the manufacturing industry decry an upcoming lack of skilled workers to fill massive amounts of job openings in the next ten years.  Approximately two million jobs. That's a lot, right?  Here is why many of those jobs will remain unfilled: Perception - Manufacturing is not "glamorous"

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IMTS 2016 – Manufacturing is COOL!

CCT Precision Machining attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show this week in Chicago.  IMTS is the premiere manufacturing technology trade show in North America, Attracting 114,000 buyers from over 112 countries From the IMTS2016 Website: "Manufacturing industry professionals from all over the world attend IMTS to see more than 15,000 new machine tools, controls, computers, software,

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