Halar Extruded Ethylenechlorotrifluoroethylene Data Sheet

||Halar Extruded Ethylenechlorotrifluoroethylene Data Sheet
Halar Extruded Ethylenechlorotrifluoroethylene Data Sheet2017-01-23T09:50:13+00:00

Halar Extruded Ethylenechlorotrifluoroethylene, also known as ECTFE or Ethylene ChloroTriFluoroEthylene, was designed to provide excellent chemical resistance in heavy duty corrosion applications.

Mechanical ASTM Test Method Value Units
Strength to Weight Ratio - - ksi
Specific Gravity @73 F D792 1.68 -
Tensile Strength @73 F, (ult)/(yld) D638 4,300 (yld) psi
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity @73 F D638 240,000 psi
Tensile Elongation at Break @73 F D638 250 %
Flexural Strength @73 F D790 6,800 psi
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity @73 F D790 245,000 psi
Shear Strength @73 F D732 - psi
Comprehensive Strength, (% Deformation) @73 F D695 - psi
Comprehensive Modulus of Elasticity @73 F D695 - psi
Hardness, Rockwell, Scale as noted @73 F D785 (R90) -
Hardness, Durometer, Shore D @73 F D2240 D75 -
Izod Impact, (Notched) @73 F D256 Type A No Break ft-lb/in of notch
Coefficient of Friction, (Dry vs Steel) Dynamic - - -
Limiting PV, (with 4 to 1 factor of safety applied) - - psi-ft/min
Thermal ASTM Test Method Value Units
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion @73 F E-831 (TMA) 5.6 E-05 in/in/F
Heat Deflection Temperature @264 psi D648 145 F
Tg-Glass transition termperature, (Amorphous) D3418 - F
Melting Point, (VS=Vicat Softening Temp.) D3418 437 F
Continuous Service Temperature in Air, (Max.) - 300 F
Thermal Conductivity - 1.09 BTU-in/hr-ft2-F
Electric ASTM Test Method Value Units
Dielectric Strength, Short Term D149 350 Volts/mil
Volume Resistivity D257 5.5 E+16 ohm-cm
Dielectric Constant @10E6 Hz D150 - -
Dissipation Factor @10E6 Hz D150 - -
Flammability @3.1 mm unless noted UL94 V-0 -
H2O ASTM Test Method Value Units
Water Absorption, Immersion, 24 hours D570(7) 0.10 % by weight
Water Absorption, Saturation D570(7) - % by weight