Darla, the three-year-old pug, has made office headlines today.  DFW Pug Rescue has interviewed and made a site visit to Heather and Andrew Ramsey’s home to see if they are a suitable match for a forever home to a rescue pug.  They have been accepted, and Darla will be welcomed to their home within the week

A big shout out to employees that make a difference in the world!

For more information on how you can help, please visit the Pug Rescue website.  Opportunities to donate money for vet services, donate your time volunteering or open your home to a foster or permanent pet are all on their website.  Take a minute to look at the available pugs for adoption.  Your heart will melt…

DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc., (DFWPRC) is the largest pug rescue organization in the United States and has rescued and placed over 7,253 huggable, squeezable, absolutely adorable pugs — we rescue approximately 10 pugs a week. DFWPRC rescues all purebred pugs regardless of age or medical condition. Since we rescued all those pugs, our veterinary care is our biggest on-going expense and we average approximately $250,000 a year in veterinary expenses. This amount is after our veterinary care clinics provide deep discounts. More than 90% of all funds donated to DFW Pug Rescue are used to pay for veterinary care.

No Pug Left Behind.



Darla and Bea Get to Know Each Other