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CCT and COVID-19

As an essential business working in the crucial sectors of medical, defense, and electronics manufacturing, CCT Precision Machining is currently open for business and will continue to ship orders. During these uncertain times, CCT Precision Machining has been thinking a lot about our customers, our employees and our greater community.  Health and safety are our

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CCT and Financial Wellness

The start of a New Year always gets us thinking about ways to improve ourselves or break our bad habits from previous years.  This year, CCT will be focusing on helping employees improve their personal financial lives through financial wellness classes. Why is this important? First and foremost, it’s because our employees are important to

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All In the Family

In a recent, very unscientific poll, I asked our employees to give me one reason why they liked working at CCT.  Each and every answer included something about the family atmosphere that is felt here at the shop. For some, this feeling is literal.  We have many employees who are related to each other, either by

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Pug Rescues Employees

Darla, the three-year-old pug, has made office headlines today.  DFW Pug Rescue has interviewed and made a site visit to Heather and Andrew Ramsey's home to see if they are a suitable match for a forever home to a rescue pug.  They have been accepted, and Darla will be welcomed to their home within the week

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