In a recent, very unscientific poll, I asked our employees to give me one reason why they liked working at CCT.  Each and every answer included something about the family atmosphere that is felt here at the shop.

For some, this feeling is literal.  We have many employees who are related to each other, either by marriage or by birth.  Two brothers work as machinists; one couple met at CCT and married; our operations manager works with his wife, son and his son-in-law; an aunt works with her nephew; and we have a great father/son team working together.  At one point or another, most of our kids who are old enough to work, have put in time at CCT.

For others, the family atmosphere is felt metaphorically.  Our office manager says:

As the old ‘mom’ of the office I’ve enjoyed watching our family grow. A lot of our machinists have gone from young men to dads and husbands, and it’s great being part of that. There are so many more reasons I love this place”

One of our newest hires, explains:

As the new kid I can say CCT is very welcoming and is a great group of people. Everyone made me feel right at home or part of the family from the start. Best move I ever made!

The other prominent theme in the employee comments was about how much we care about each other.

Mariah Deleon from Entrepreneur Magazine comments on employee support in her article entitled “Why You Should Want Your Employees to Love Each Other”

“When employees can feel really comfortable and supported in the workplace, magic can happen — innovation peaks, creativity stirs and collaboration naturally happen. This is how really great results are produced. When you create an environment where “we win” is supported over “I win,” you will create a much more supportive and collaborative work environment. And what’s not to love about that?”

Collaboration is key at CCT.  Maybe that should be our new tag line… It does have a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

All kidding aside, collaboration is key: machinists help each other figure out the most effective way to run parts, the Quality Control team sits together in one big room so they can bounce ideas off of each other and the CEO’s desk is in the middle of a shared office called the bullpen, so he can keep his finger on the pulse of the company and be receptive to all employees.

CCT embodies the family in its comfortable atmosphere, focus on cooperation and genuine caring for each other.  I think those are pretty great reasons to work here.